Welcome to De Groote Peel National Park

The Groote Peel National Park is a heathland where formerly peat was cut. Today it is a bird-rich area, ideally suited for walkers to enjoy their natural surroundings.

The park is 1400 ha in size. It is not bisected by highways, power lines or other unsightly infrastructure, something one seldom sees in the Netherlands. De Groote Peel National Park is on the border of Limburg and North Brabant, in the triangle Meijel - Asten - Nederweert. From the centre of the national park you can see the steeples of these villages.                                                                                    
De Groote Peel is one of the few remnants of the immense bog marshes that once formed the border between the provinces of  Brabant and Limburg. Now it is a nature reserve of international standing,  renowned  for the richness of its bird life. Its extensive wetlands recall the landscape of the past. It used to be a  place to avoid, but now you can enjoy hiking to your heart's content! And everywhere you will find traces of the past when peat, 'the black gold of the Peel' was cut.

Discovery map

The Discovery map (for sale at the BuitenCentrum De Pelen Visitor Centre) shows a good impression of what the park has to offer.

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